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The Chasm is a fully 3D dungeon crawling experience set in a mine whose depths face an endless pit of cosmic horror. Test your skills in a procedurally generated mine, dig and crawl to its deepest depths and be the miner who closed The Chasm forever... if you can survive the creatures lurking in the darkness!

Five different levels. Insanity-inducing creatures. Multiple terrains to dig your way through. Total darkness. Trusted pickaxe. Durable torch. Claustrophobia assured.
Will you survive?


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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I feel like, dying and being sent straight to the beginning of the game is a bit cruel - how bout some checkpoints? lol

Hey Neco! So glad you posted to give feedback. I'm watching your video right now, I can't wait to hear your criticism and I'll gladly comment & like your gameplay! :)
About the permadeath, I'm afraid it's a key mechanic for the game - and for all randomly generated dungeon crawlers in general. I know it's kinda frustrating but it'll make it 100 times more satisfying when you win :)
Gonna finish watching your video! Thanks so much for the visibility!

Does this happen to come with steam keys if purchased on itch.io? I'd love to support the dev more, but at the same time, I tend to use steam in home streaming for nearly every game.

Hey! Nope, you get a downloadable :( The good news is, if you'd like to wait (it'll take almost a couple of months, not gonna lie) "The Chasm" is going to be sold on Steam :)
Anyway, thank you very much for the interest! It's greatly appreciated :)

Hey Dragon, The Chasm is coming on Steam! You have to wait untile October 6th to buy it, but meanwhile you can wishlist it so you'll know when it's out! :) Here's the link: store.steampowered.com/app/1140900/The_Chasm/